Getting Started

Get an Account

Before you can write any code against the GolfNow Platform, you'll need to have a GolfNow account.  If you already have an account on or any of our partner sites, then you're already good to go.  Just sign in with your credentials. If you don't have an account, you'll need to create one.

Get Approved

While we try to make this API and easy to use as many other public APIs, it is not public.  Once you have signed in, you'll have to opportunity to request access to the API.  If you're access is approved, you'll then be able to create and manage your API client applications.

Manage Your Applications

In order to interact with our data services, you'll need to create an application first.  When you create your application, you'll provide us with a name and a description and we will provide you with a client_id, client_secret, and an application_secret.  We advise that you to create one application for development and another for testing.  You can have as many applications as you need without charge so please make use of the create and disable functions as needed.

Scenarios, Tutorials, and the Workbench

To help you with your development, we have provided a series of scenarios and tutorials to help guide you.   Additionally, we have put together a basic workbench for certain API calls.  The workbench allows you to put in required and optional endpoint parameters and see how the call should be constructed to obtain the desired results.  Additionally, it shows the returned data so that there is no guesswork.

REST Resources

The REST resources represent the data contracts to which you will be developing.  Here we provide the full example of the data that you'll be expected to provide and what we will return to you.


While we don't have a format approval process, we would like a courtesy demo of your new application before it goes live...